Please be advised that snow removal will happen this evening. Continue to follow normal alternate side parking rules UNLESS otherwise posted on signs. Inform your neighbors and thank you!

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Please be advised to follow regular alternate side parking rules today.

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City of Hudson is selling vacant real property located on Spring Street, Hudson, New York, bearing tax map number 110.10-1-20.

Written offers may be directed to the Treasurers' office.

Phone: (518) 828-0212

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Hello Hudson! Cold temps continue through the weekend and the City will be doing snow removal this evening. Same as last week, please pay close attention to parking signage on your street and advise your neighbors. Stay warm!
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Hello Hudson! Please be advised that there is a winter weather advisory due to the extreme cold over the next few days.
Local Weather from The Weather Channel

Stay warm and check on your neighbors.

Any problems, please call Hu...
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Notice is hereby given that The City of Hudson is requesting sealed bid offers for 427 Warren Street. Minimum bid is set at $300,000. Please visit:
for full information and bid guidelines.

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Please be advised that snow removal is still underway.

Follow posted parking signs to avoid penalty. If there are no signs posted, please follow normal parking rules.

Please stay warm and thank DPW for their hard work the last few ...
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Monday 1/21/19
Please continue to pay attention to signage for parking to avoid any penalties. Stay warm! Thank you.
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Snow removal signs have been put in place all day. Please follow directions to avoid any penalties.

Also consider advising your neighbors.

Stay warm and thank you DPW workers!
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As the City of Hudson prepares for a potential significant snowfall this weekend, we wanted to remind citizens of the procedures for snow removal from sidewalks and make sure everyone is aware of what needs to happen in the event of a snow emergency decla...
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