City Of Hudson



The Fire and Police Committee Meetings


Scheduled for Monday, April 27th


Will be held at the


Central Fire Station, 77 North 7th Street





Night Parking - Alternate Side Parking


Between 12:00 Midnight and 8:00 AM,  

on all streets unless otherwise posted:


odd day - park on odd side  

even day - park on even side 





Arts, Entertainment & Tourism

Committee Presents:


City of Hudson 2015 Event Awards



Details available in News Section




 2015 Lincoln Funeral Train:


Complete Details available under


Local Events Section (Upcoming Events) 

Department Pages:
President, Common Council - Don Moore
Alderman, 1st Ward - Rick Rector
Alderman, 1st Ward - Nicholas Haddad
Alderman, 2nd Ward - Abdus S. Miah
Alderman, 2nd Ward - Tiffany Garriga
Alderman, 3rd Ward - John K. Friedman
Alderman, 3rd Ward - Henry A. Haddad
Alderman, 4th Ward - Alexis Keith
Alderman, 4th Ward - Ohrine Stewart
Alderman, 5th Ward - Robert J. Donahue, Sr.
Alderman, 5th Ward - Bartholomew F. Delaney Jr.
Hudson's Waterfront