City Of Hudson

2015  Holiday Parking

Mayor Hallenbeck has suspended the placing

of coin(s) in the parking meters throughout

the City of Hudson during the 2015 Holiday Season 

Metered parking at the South Front Street 

Parking Lot (Amtrak) will remain in effect  



Night Parking - Alternate Side Parking

Between 12:00 Midnight and 8:00 AM,  

on all streets unless otherwise posted:

odd day - park on odd side  

even day - park on even side     

Department Pages:
President, Common Council - Don Moore
Alderman, 1st Ward - Rick Rector
Alderman, 1st Ward - Nicholas Haddad
Alderman, 2nd Ward - Abdus S. Miah
Alderman, 2nd Ward - Tiffany Garriga
Alderman, 3rd Ward - John K. Friedman
Alderman, 3rd Ward - Henry A. Haddad
Alderman, 4th Ward - Alexis Keith
Alderman, 4th Ward - Ohrine Stewart
Alderman, 5th Ward - Robert J. Donahue, Sr.
Alderman, 5th Ward - Bartholomew F. Delaney Jr.
Hudson's Waterfront

Public Meetings: