City Of Hudson
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President, Common Council - Don Moore
Alderman, 1st Ward - David Marston
Alderman, 1st Ward - Nicholas Haddad
Alderman, 2nd Ward - Abdus S. Miah
Alderman, 2nd Ward - Tiffany Garriga
Alderman, 3rd Ward - John K. Friedman
Alderman, 3rd Ward - Henry A. Haddad
Alderman, 4th Ward - Alexis Keith
Alderman, 4th Ward - Ohrine Stewart
Alderman, 5th Ward - Robert J. Donahue, Sr.
Alderman, 5th Ward - Bartholomew F. Delaney Jr.
Hudson's Waterfront

Public Meetings:
Dunn Warehouse Request for Proposals
August 11, 2014
Public Auction - 405 Warren Street and 518 Washington Street
June 20, 2014
For information related to the Public Auction, please click on Departments and select Treasurer's Office.
City of Hudson Event Grants
March 18, 2014

The Arts, Entertainment & Tourism Committee Presents:

City of Hudson Event Grants