City Of Hudson

Parking Permit

5 days
Table Of Contents:
Where to Apply:

Apply at City of Hudson Police Department, 701A Union Street Hudson, NY 12534




     Moving      Dumpster      Lifts    Wedding     Funeral     Other __________________

     The applicant assumes all liability and holds harmless the City of Hudson from any actions or claims arising from granting this permit.  If the special use permit is for large pieces of equipment that might disrupt vehicular or pedestrian traffic, the applicant agrees to place adequate lights and/or barricades to warn and protect all motorists and/or pedestrians traveling public roadways and sidewalks.  For all roll-off services (dumpsters, containers, etc…) wheels or planks must be used to protect the pavement.  All approved applicants must pay a $25.00 departmental processing fee, must display permits in public for inspection and must produce permits upon demand to the appropriate authority.  The time limit for a permit is a two week period.  If requesting an extension, a new application must be filled out and a $10.00 fee will be required if approved.


     The Police Department reserves the right to amend, extend or revoke this permit/application at anytime.