City Of Hudson

Real Property Reassessment Project 2018

July 12, 2017
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Press Release: July 2017





The City of Hudson has adopted a resolution to revalue all properties within the City in an effort to create fair and equitable property assessments for the 2018 tax roll. To assist in this effort, GAR Associates LLC has been retained as contractor for the City. GAR will be working closely with City Assessor, Cheryl Kasluga.


The goal of this project is to create fair and equitable property assessments at 100% of full market value.


The intent of the City and the Contractor (GAR) is to work with the community in achieving this goal.


Beginning in August, GAR staff will be reviewing all commercial properties within the City of Hudson. Staff will perform an inspection on each property. Laser measuring devices will be used by some of the data collectors to assist in obtaining proper measurement of each improved property. Digital photos will also be taken of the exterior.


ALL GAR STAFF WILL HAVE PROPER IDENTIFICATION ON THEM DURING FIELD INSPECTIONS. The City Assessment Office and local police agencies will have a vehicle list of all project staff members.

GAR Educational Video (WMV - 23.4 MB)