Assessor's Office

Assessor's Office

Justin Maxwell
520 Warren Street
Hudson NY 12534

Phone: 518-828-3141
Fax: 518-828-3579

Monday 9am-4pm
Tuesday 9am-4pm
Thursday 9am-4pm

Hudson Revaluation Info:
The City of Hudson will be conducting a Revaluation project starting in 2018, for the 2019 Assessment Roll. The project will be completed by GAR Associates and the City Assessor. 
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Please visit the Assessment Information page for more information and full list of applicable documents.

Table Of Contents:

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Sections 516  of the Real Property Tax Law that the Final Assessment Roll for the City of Hudson has been completed by the undersigned Assessor and certified copy thereof has been filed in the office of the City clerk on the 1st day of July 1st, 2017, where the same will remain for public inspection at 520 Warren St, Hudson, N.Y 

Dated: July 1st, 2017
Sole Assessor
City of Hudson 


ATTENTION: There is NEW information regarding the STAR PROGRAM. Please click on  Assessment Information on this website. Additional information will be in the documents section at the bottom of the page in Assessment Information Section also.

Please submit all address changes to the assessor's office. I will then forward any updates to the treasurer, DPW and the building dept. Thank you!

Assessment Review
Rachel Kappel 
Member Term: ends 9/30/2022
Philip D. Osattin 
Member Term: ends 9/30/2020
Phil Forman 
Member Term: ends 9/30/2021
Please Visit the Assessment Information page for full list of documents.