Common Council

Common Council

The general legislative powers of the City for all municipal purposes, except such as may be vested in other boards, commissions or officers of the City, and except as such powers may be limited by the provisions of this Charter or by law, shall be vested in the Common Council; and subject to the limitations herein stated the Common Council shall have authority to govern the City, manage its affairs and provide for the protection, security and welfare of the City, its inhabitants and their property. The Common Council shall have power to make such local laws and ordinances as it shall deem necessary to insure the well-being and good order of the City, and to amend the same. It may by vote of a majority of all its members, taken by ayes and nays, repeal any local law or ordinance which may have been passed under this Charter or which may have been passed under any previous charter, act or local law.

Special Notice From the President of the Common Council:
As the city moves forward in becoming ADA compliant, each voice is important and should be heard, as one method to provide equal access for people with disabilities. If anyone requires accommodations to attend meetings, please contact the President of the Common Council or the chairperson of the Committee at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

City of Hudson Charter: Chapter C: Article X11 -- Common Council
Common Council President: 
Tom DePietro

Alderman, 1st Ward  
Rob Bujan
email: :

Alderman, 3rd Ward  
Shershah Mizan
Alderman, 4th Ward  
Rich Volo