Public Works Department

Department of Public Works

520 Warren Street
City Hall
Hudson, New York 12534
Phone: (518) 828-9458
Fax: (518)828-1590

Table Of Contents:
Hours of Operation


Street Maintenance and Trash Pick-up
The DPW maintains all city streets and Parks. Activities, depending upon the season, include: Street Cleaning, Paving and Patching, snow plowing, lawn mowing and decorating for holidays.

Free Leaf Pick-Up is provided on pre-announced Days in the Fall only.

Removal of Large items-furniture-are picked up on pre announced days, once a year, (Spring) and upon pre-payment of the required fees. Watch for announced days for these pick ups and schedule of fees in the Register Star newspaper.

Trash Pick-up

NOTE: Such containers and bundles shall be set out not earlier than 7:00 p.m. of the day preceding, nor later than 7:00 a.m. of collection day. Emptied containers shall be removed from the alley side or curb line, as the case may be, within a reasonable time following such emptying, and in no event later than 6:00 p.m. of collection day.

Check the City of Hudson Code: Garbage, Rubbish, Refuse for more detailed information. 

Trash and Recycling Schedule:
Monday (South Side) 
Tuesday - (North Side) 
Recycling: Thursday (All City)

To find out your scheduled day of Pick-up please call the DPW Office at 518-828-9458.

Hudson Recycling Dos and Don'ts List

Holiday Trash and Recycling Schedule

City Trash Bags may be purchased at City Hall
Fees: $3.00 for 30 gallon bag
$1.50 for 15 gallon bag

Public Transportation services are provided by Columbia County.

Trained Staff at each of these facilities operate and maintain our City's water supply and sanitary sewer systems.
Fees for these services, Water & Sewer Rents, are set by the Common Council each year and billed quarterly to owners of property.
Present Rates $48.00- Sewer $57.00 - Water Per Quarter. (Non Metered)

The Hudson City Cemeteries are maintained and operated under the Supervision of the Commissioner and Superintendent of Public Works.
The Cedar Park Cemetery operates Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.
Please contact the Cemetery directly at 518.828.0517


Maintains City Streets and Parks
Trash Pick Up
Public Water Supply
Maintains City Sewer System
Maintains City Cemeteries


Leaf Pick-Up: Wednesdays in November
Christmas Tree Pick-Up: As needed, when crews are available in January.

Hours of Operation:
Public Works Department: 8:30AM-5:00PM
Cedar Park Cemetery: 9:00AM-1:00PM

Superintendent of Public Works
Department of Public Works
Robert W. Perry, Jr.
Water & Sewer Billing
Water & Sewer Department
Phone: 518.828.9458
Fax: 518.828.1590

2010 Ferry St Bridge Inspection 
2011 Ferry St Bridge Inspection
2012 Ferry St Bridge Inspection
2013 Ferry Street Bridge Inspection
2014 Ferry Street Bridge Inspection
2015 Ferry Street Bridge Inspection
2015 Route 9G Bridge Inspection
Ferry Street Bridge Engineering Assessment - Creighton Manning FINAL
Ferry Street Bridge Inventory Form
Ferry Street Bridge Phase 1A Report
2017 Annual Water Quality Drinking Report
Water Tap Book
Water Distribution System
Distribution System - Brown Book (Water)
Water Department "Brown Book" detailing intersection connections and updates.
Churchtown Reservoir Engineering Assessment - 081914
Churchtown Reservoir Map
City of Hudson Water Transmission Main
2017 Water Plant Annual Inspection
2016 WWTP Annual DEC Inspection
EPA Administrative Order and WWTP Inspection
City of Hudson Sewer Use Ordinance
City of Hudson Long-Term Control Plan
Hudson WWTP Facility Plan
2017 Annual CSO Report
City of Hudson 2014 CDBG Application - Front St Stormwater Separation 40443
City of Hudson Combined Sanitary System
Burials of Civil War Cemetery
Cemetery Rules & Regulations
Furgury Environmental Assessment
ADA Feasibility City of Hudson 2018 RFP Package