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Hudson Event Awards Applications Due June 14

Planning a Public Event in the City of Hudson this year?  Would you like to apply for financial assistance from the City for your event for 2019?

The City of Hudson Tourism Board has provided the City of Hudson's Finance Committee, $20,000 to award to programs to support special events occurring in the CIty of Hudson in order to promote tourism within the City.

This year, we are posting an application period so all may be made aware and may apply.

The City of Hudson provides financial assistance to events that have an impact on the ecomonic & social fabric of Our City.  So, no matter how small or large, if your event has a positive effect on the whole City of Hudson, we encourage you to apply!   Applications are due June 14, 2019

Announcement for Finance Committee Awards 2019
Application for Finance Committee Awards 2019
Mass Gathering Application