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Aug 28,2019

K.I.S.S. - Keeping Identities of Seniors Safe

K.I.S.S. - Keeping Identities of Seniors Safe

DATE:  9/9/2019 - 9/20/2019
TIME: Monday - Friday  8:30AM - 5:00PM
Location:    Hudson City Hall
                   520 Warren St
                   Hudson, NY 12534

The Columbia County KISS Program is once again available to seniors in every town in Columbia County.  The KISS Program, founded by Columbia County Clerk Holly Tanner, stands for Keeping the Identities of Seniors Safe.  It was designed to protect the identities of our seniors while assisting them in the shredding of their sensitive materials.  Seniors are encouraged to contact their local Town Hall for hours of operation and more information on the program. Justin Weaver, Columbia County Clerk’s Records Services Manager, is overseeing the program and can also be contacted with any questions at 518-822-0143.

To view Item Retention Guidelines and Disposal click here.

Aug 08,2019

Adaptive Re-Use of the J.L. Edwards School - Public Comments Sought

On August 15th at the Hudson Area Library, the architectural firm of Lacey Thaler Reilly Wilson will hold a public meeting on the second floor in the Senior Center at 6PM.  The subject is the potential adaptive reuse of the John L. Edwards School.  All are invited to contribute their ideas for this potential new public space which would house all city offices, and whatever else the public would like to see.

Aug 05,2019

City Clarifies Recycling Rules

Recycling Imagem 2  080519
Recycling in Hudson is changing to meet the environmental and economic challenges of our times. The City of Hudson's Department of Public Works has clarified the rules for regular pickup of recyclable material -- what is recyclable and what is not.  We follow the guidelines of Columbia County's Solid Waste Department, which processes all Hudson's general trash and recyclables after they are collected by DPW.

What does this mean?  Recyclables must be on The List (they call it a protocol) and if not on The List, then put those items into the regular trash.  Also, recycles cannot be packaged in plastic bags -- they aren't recyclable. So put them out in metal, plastic or cardboard containers.

Here is Columbia County's explanation:

As many of you may be aware, a number of actions taken by China over the past months have begun impacting the recycling markets and state and local programs.

The new proposed standard quality limit is far more stringent than any existing international standard and unless there is an easing to some of the restrictions, market prices will likely be depressed, if markets are available at all. Our goal moving forward is to ensure the highest quality material that could be marketed by both domestic and international markets.

Columbia County like many other municipalities is working with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and our vendor Casella Recycling to assist in educating residents and looking at potential financial assistance and guidance through this crisis.

Although the US exports a significant amount of recyclables, domestic markets do exist and may expand, perhaps as a direct result of China’s actions. However, these developments might take time and communications are critical to maintain public trust.


Jul 17,2019

Public Comments Sought on DRAFT Local Laws

The Legal Committee of the Common Council is currently reviewing the following Proposed Local Laws (FIRST DRAFTS).  The Committee is seeking written comments from the public, please email comments to Common Council President Thomas DePietro (

Short Term Rental Proposed Local Law (DRAFT)
Sidewalk Improvement District Proposed Local Law (DRAFT)
Sidewalk Landowner's Responsibility Proposed Local Law (DRAFT)

        UPDATE:  President DePietro states the 2nd Draft Proposed Local Law regarding Short Term Rental is in progress and will be posted soon.  (7/31/2019)

Jun 19,2019

Resolution No. 7 of June 18, 2019

Resolution No. 7 of June 18, 2019

The New York State Retirement System requires that all elected and appointed officials, who are members of the retirement system and are not in a time & attendance system; maintain records of activities for three consecutive months within 150 days of the start of a new term or appointment.

Resolution No. 7 of June 18, 2019

Jun 11,2019

The City of Hudson Industrial Development Agency Seeks Public Board Member

The City Council recently amended its authorizing resolution providing for the appointment of a Hudson Industrial Development Agency (HIDA) member who is not an elected or appointed official.  As a result, the HIDA, responding to the Common Council initiative, seeks an interested person who is a resident of Hudson to fill this opening on the City of Hudson Industrial Development Agency.  If your are interested, contact Thomas DePietro, Common Council President, Tom DePietro.

For Further Information

May 23,2019

Suspension of Weekend Alternate Side Parking Begins May 25

For 2019, the City has renewed the suspension of alternate side of the street parking on summer weekends from 12 AM on May 25, 2019 to 8 AM on September 29, 2019.

The Hudson Police Order.

May 10,2019 CAC Inventory 2019

´╗┐Hudson's Conservation Advisory Council Releases Natural Resources and Open Space Inventory

After four years, two state grants, and hundreds of hours of volunteer effort, the Hudson Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) presented the city's first natural resource and open space inventory to the Common Council at its meeting on Monday, May 13, 7 p.m., at City Hall, 520 Warren Street.

The inventory is a 56-page magazine-style report, including 14 specially created maps and a text explaining them. It provides a broad overview of natural and urban conditions within the city. The report is available free in printed form at City Hall and the Hudson Area Library, and online at the CAC's web page.

The inventory establishes a baseline of information essential to ensuring the health and well-being of Hudson's citizens, civic spaces and natural resources. The new maps show, for example, projections of future sea-level rise and waterfront flooding; the source of the city's drinking water; the presence of rare and endangered species; and where the city has — and lacks —  street trees.

The maps and analysis are as accurate as possible, given currently available data and the CAC’s limited resources. However, natural and urban conditions are always evolving. The inventory is offered as a snapshot in time, and the CAC intends that it be updated periodically. It is descriptive, rather than prescriptive — not a planning document itself, but a body of knowledge to be incorporated into planning documents and decisions. It does not answer all questions about the city's natural resources, address political controversies, or initiate any enforcement action.  But it does highlight important challenges Hudson faces. It identifies problems needing further study, and suggests possible actions to address them.

The CAC was established in 2015 to provide Hudson's governmental bodies and citizens with objective information about environmental concerns. There are currently several open seats; interested volunteers should contact Common Council President Tom DePietro.


May 10,2019 Chief, Mayor, Commissioner -1 (72)

Hudson Mayor Celebrates 225th Anniversary of Volunteer Fire Service

Chief, Mayor, Commissioner -1 (72) - Copy
Hudson Mayor Rick Rector proclaimed April 17, 2019, 225 years after the founding of Hudson's volunteer fire service, a day of recognition and celebration of the Hudson Fire Department’s grand tradition.  The Mayor expressed the City's "acknowledgment and appreciation for the selfless service to the community rendered by our firefighters today and by all the generations of firefighters that came before them." Accepting the Mayor's anniversary Proclamation were Hudson Fire Department Commissioner Timothy Hutchings (right), Mayor Rector, and Fire Chief Anthony Demarco (left).

Apr 17,2019 RR office w OUNY -2 (72)

Youth Government Day Students Learn City Government

RR office w OUNY -2 (72)

Mayor Rector discussed civics and public service with students participating in Operation Unite New York's 2019 Youth Government Day in his office on April 16.  The students spent a full day in a mock Common Council meeting and shadowing officials like the Treasurer, Clerk, Common Council President and Aldermen asking loads of questions on how these public servants do their jobs.  Welcomed each year by City officials, the day is the creation of OUNY Director Elena Mosley.  The students spent the morning at City Hall, had discussions with officials at an informal lunch at the Youth Department, then returned to City Hall for a mock Common Council meeting where the students take the roles of the officials they had shadowed.  Each year, Ms. Mosley and her staff prepare the students to engage in debates, respecting each other's positions while arguing for their own.

Jan 02,2019 download - Copy

Reminders for the New Year!

As many of us use the new year to reflect and start new habits, perhaps it's also a good time to remind our residents about where they can find information about services in Hudson. 

Our website has a useful Resident Information page where you can find a lot of the information you may need about living here in Hudson. From parking rules and regulations to when and how to get your refuse and recycling picked up-- you'll find it all! 

**Please remember that residents and locals will have to pay for metered parking again as the suspension period is now over. 

**Here's a quick link to the Holiday Schedule for 2019. Note: Your  Christmas Trees can be put in the alleys and will be picked up by DPW until January 27, 2019.

Jul 11,2018



13 Downtown Revitalization Projects Create Housing and Employment Opportunities, and Improve Streetscapes

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced 13 transformational projects for Hudson as part of the $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative award. The strategic investments in downtown Hudson will create additional employment and housing opportunities, as well as improve safety and aesthetics for streetscapes throughout the city. The investments are part of the Governor's ongoing efforts to revitalize the upstate economy and create more opportunities for the Capital Region.

Hudson Mayor Rick Rector said, "The City of Hudson is proud and grateful to benefit from these important investments, which will create opportunities and foster further smart growth for our community. Thanks to Governor Cuomo's Downtown Revitalization Initiative, the City of Hudson is even better positioned for a bright future and we look forward to seeing these projects come to life."

Click the Keep Reading button for the full list of projects.