Industrial Development Agency

Active Projects

Galvin Foundation Initiatives
HIDA Meeting 
March 2, 2021 | 1:00pm
Meeting Notice
Video Recording

Project 1: 75 North 7th Street
Depot District Presentation
75 N 7th Hudson IDA Application
Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit
Economic and Fiscal Impact Study

Project 2: 708 State Street
Depot District Presentation
708 State Hudson IDA Application
Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit 
Meeting Recording

Sandstone Partners LLC - 620 Hudson House LLC Project

Public Hearing 
September 16, 2020 | 1:00pm
Public Hearing Notice
Video Recording:

Special HIDA Meeting
September 22, 2020 | 1:00pm
Meeting Notice
Meeting Agenda & DRAFT Minutes
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Meeting Packet:
620 Hudson House LLC Economic and Fiscal Impact
620 Hudson House LLC HIDA Project Review Criteria
620 Hudson House LLC PPT Presentation 9.08.20 
620 Hudson House LLC Project Review Memo
620 Hudson House LLC FMT Cost Benefit Analysis 
Draft EAF Parts 2 & 3
Resolution Approving Negative Declaration
Resolution Approving Financial Assistance
Workforce & Training Discussion Document

Project Documents:
Hudson House: Revised Pilot Proposal - 10.05.20
Hudson House Application 
Hudson House Project Overview 
Hudson House Signed Amended IDA Application
Hudson House May 1, 2020 Letter to IDA
Hudson House PILOT Proposal
Hudson House PILOT Agreement
Hudson House Project Agreement
Hudson House Appraisal
Hudson Property Survey
Hudson House Deed Description

Fiscal Analysis
Hudson House Fiscal Analysis Report
Fiscal Analysis Prepared by Camoin Associates
Hudson House Project Review Memo
Hudson House – HIDA Project Review Criteria
Hudson House CEDC Fiscal Analysis Summary
Hudson House Presentation - September 8, 2020

Hudson Terrace Project
Approval Resolution
Lease Agreement
Project Assessment