Assessor's Office

Assessor's Office

Cheryl Kaszluga
Sole Assessor


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Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Sections 506 and 526 of the Real Property Tax Law that the Tentative Assessment Roll for the City of Hudson will  be completed by May 1, 2021 and a copy thereof may be seen at City Hall at 520 Warren St Hudson, NY 12534 until May 27th, 2021. Notice is hereby given the Assessor will be available for the Tentative Roll by phone at 518-929-3845 on the dates of May 5/3 & 5/5 from 4PM-8PM and 5/10 & 5/12 from 4PM-8PM.

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Assessment Review for the City of Hudson will meet to hear and examine all property filed complaints in relation to assessments of Real Property by ZOOM during the hours of 3:30PM-8PM on May 27, 2021.
A publication contain g procedures for contesting an assessment is available at Columbia County Real Property Tx Office as well as online at:

Dated: April 15th, 2021
Cheryl Kaszluga
Sole Assessor
City of Hudson 


Cheryl Kaszluga

2021 Assessment Review

Dorothy Heyl
Term Ends: 9/30/2025

Philip Osattin
Term Ends: 9/30/2025

Matthew Parker
Term Ends 9/30/2025
Please Visit the Assessment Information page for full list of documents.