City Clerk's Office

Contact: Tracy S. Delaney - City Clerk
City Hall
520 Warren Street
Hudson, New York 12534
Phone: (518) 828-1030
Fax: (518) 828-3103


COVID-19 Pandemic
To reduce exposure to yourself, city employees and other members of the public, the City Clerk
encourages all services be provided by Regular Mail or the utilization of the Night Deposit Box
located outside of City Hall, 520 Warren Street.
Any questions, please contact the City Clerk's Office 518-828-1030

Applications and Instructions

Municipal Parking Lot Permits
2021 Annual Parking Permits will go on sale Monday, December 14th

The parking permit shall allow a vehicle in which the annual parking permit is prominently displayed
to be parked in any municipal parking lot without parking meter payments provided, however, that no vehicle 84 inches or more in width and more than 84 inches in height or more than 20 feet in length may use such annual parking permit.
The purchase of the Municipal Lot Parking Permit DOES NOT exempt the
permit holder from any parking rules or regulations.
Complete the Municipal Parking Lot Permit Application and mail to the City Clerk's Office 
or contact the office during regular office hours to schedule an appointment.
Municipal Parking Permit Fee $250
Municipal Parking Lot Permit Application 

Hunting and Trapping Licenses
2021-2022 Hunting and Trapping Licenses may be purchased in-person or

Buy your sporting license online:
By Telephone: 1-866-933-2257

Marriage License Issuance
A couple may secure their marriage license at any City/Town Clerk's Office in New York State to be married in the state.
To schedule an appointment 518-828-1030

Acknowledgement of Paternity

When children are born to parents who are married to one another, paternity is automatically established, but for children born to unmarried parents, paternity must be established. This is typically accomplished by completing an Acknowledgment of Paternity (LDSS-4418) form in the hospital after the birth of the child. 
Due to Covid-19, many hospitals were forced to limit or restrict visitors. As a result, children born to unmarried parents may have gone home without having their paternity established.
For this reason, a tutorial titled “Acknowledgment of Paternity: How to File from Home” was created to assist parents in establishing paternity for their children. By clicking the link below, you can access the tutorial, which will explain:

  • How to complete the form
  • What it means to sign the form
  • Where to file the form
  • Who to contact if you have questions


Table Of Contents:

Issues - Hunting & Fishing Licenses, Dog Licenses, Marriage Licenses, Solicitor, Peddler/Vendor Licenses; Handicapped Parking Permits, Municipal Parking Lot Permits.
Bingo & Games of Chance Licenses
Keeper of City Seal for Certifying Records
Administer and record Oaths of Office
Files Contracts, Leases and Deeds

Attend meetings of Common Council, prepare agendas, compile minutes of meetings.

File Birth, Death and Marriage Records for the City of Hudson which date back to May 1881.
Issue certified copies of Birth, Death and Marriage Records

Pre-Adoption Birth Certificates can be ordered online via the NYS Dept of Health - Vital Records
           Order Online or by calling 877-456-7747


Ensures appropriate agency responds to requests for access to public records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law.

Hours of Operation:
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday
July 1st - Labor Day 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Information to Obtain a Marriage License
Dogs - License Information / Rules & Regulations