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Truck Study RFP

The City of Hudson is requesting proposals from qualified firms to perform a destination and origin study associated with a New York State-designated truck route. The route traverses the City of Hudson and deleteriously influences the community’s quality of life and economic vitality. The study will collect data and propose alternative routes. With the completed study, the City of Hudson will work with surrounding towns, Columbia County, New York State, and stakeholders to build consensus for modification and improvement to the truck route.

“Residents need a more walkable, bikeable city, with safe streets that are accessible to all,” says Mayor Kamal Johnson. “The high-volume of large trucks through dense residential neighborhoods is the wrong route and this study will help create solutions.”

The need for a truck study is a longstanding priority for the city of Hudson. The 2002 City of Hudson Comprehensive Plan states: “The [State Truck Route is] forcing trucks to pass through residential neighborhoods and are significantly deteriorating the quality, and in some cases historic integrity, of these homes. Further, trucks are required to make turns on urban streets that were not engineered to meet their turning radius needs… Consequently, a comprehensive truck study should be accomplished.”

The 2011 Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan states “The City intends to work with State and Federal representatives to address the impact of non-local truck traffic through the City.” 

“I’m happy to be contributing to our community and advancing this important project,” says City of Hudson Public Works Commissioner Peter Bujanow, who is managing the request for proposals. “This study will help us understand the impact of current traffic patterns and identify alternatives”

“For decades, truck traffic has been a major safety and quality of life issue in the city of Hudson,” said Assemblymember Didi Barrett, who helped secure the funding for the study. “The congestion slows traffic, causes safety hazards, and leads to noise, light, and air pollution for visitors and residents. It’s also out of character with Hudson’s historic architecture and streetscape. This origin and destination study will help us collect the data to develop an informed solution.”

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Addendum #1
Proposals are due July 14.