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Mayor Johnson and Andrew Yang Town Hall

Mayor Johnson and Andrew Yang will host a town hall on September 17 at 5pm. Join Andrew Yang, former presidential candidate and founder of the Humanity Forward Foundation, and Mayor Kamal Johnson for a conversation universal basic income, the HudsonUP UBI pilot program launching in Hudson this fall, and other economic and social issues. Tune in to the virtual town hall at the following links on YouTube or via Facebook.

Since its formation in March, the Humanity Forward Foundation has provided millions of dollars in financial assistance to American families. The organization is now partnering with the Spark of Hudson, a learning and training center in Hudson, N.Y. set to launch in 2021. 

HudsonUP is a five-year UBI pilot program that will provide 25 randomly selected Hudson residents $500 each month for five years. Residents of Hudson, N.Y. can now enter for their chance to be randomly selected for the HudsonUP universal basic income project. Deadline for entry is September 20, 2020.