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Hudson Connects Demonstration Project

On Saturday, October 3, 2020 9 AM to 6 PM, you’re invited to help improve pedestrian safety and ADA accessibility. Paint The Streets With Us!

The Hudson Connects project team invites you to help install temporary projects that improve pedestrian safety and ADA accessibility for people of ALL ages and abilities.

These two temporary projects will be implemented at the intersections of Front + Warren Street and North 2nd + State Street. Each location was selected with direct community feedback the project team has been collecting since July, 2020.

hudson connects

The projects will test the potential to make permanent improvements to both intersections, which would be included in the final Hudson Connects Implementation Plan, funded by the State’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative, and to be constructed in 2021.



The Hudson Connects demonstration and pilot projects will provide short-term and low-cost improvements to two Hudson intersections. The goal of the two projects is to test out potential streetscape enhancements that could be built permanently using DRI funds. The two projects are also intended to increase awareness of the Hudson Connects project and provide an opportunity for local Hudson residents to get further involved in the planning process. 

Public and City departmental feedback will be collected over the coming weeks and months in order to assess what project elements work well, and what may need to be reconsidered should one or both projects be included as priority projects to be built with the City’s DRI funds in 2021. 

Demonstration and pilot project sites were identified by community members who have participated in the Hudson Connects walking tour, kick-off workshop, focus group conversations, the Promenade Hill Park open house, and the project survey. Given existing conditions, the project timeline, budget, and public feedback, the demonstrations project will focus on two  intersections: Front and Warren, and North 2nd Street and State Street.


The demonstration project at Front Street and Warren Street intersection will include three large painted curb extensions, which will slow down turning vehicles, allow people walking and rolling in wheelchairs to be more visible to motorists, and shorten the crossing distances from one side of the street to the other. Temporary sidewalk ramps will also be installed so that those with physical disabilities, strollers, luggage, shopping carts etc. will have an easier time moving from the street to the sidewalk and vice-versa. This project will use inexpensive and temporary materials that likely will be removed within a week or so, offering just enough time for City leaders, residents, and the consultant team to assess the merits of the changes. 


The demonstration project at North 2nd and Front Street intersection will include painted curb extensions as well as high-visibility crosswalks to enhance driver awareness. A painted sidewalk along the north side of State Street will encourage cars to slow down while also connecting pedestrians from the North 2nd and State Street intersection with the entrance to the Bliss Towers park and playground where currently there is no sidewalk. Finally, midblock curb extensions will be paired with the existing crosswalk over State Street, between the park entrance and the sidewalk on the south side of the street, so that people walking or rolling are more visible and have less distance to cross. This project will use more durable materials and be intended to last several months to a year. 


The feedback received and lessons learned from both of these projects will be used to inform if and how they and other projects like them may be included in the priority plan to implement permanent streetscape improvements as party of the DRI process.

If interested in volunteering to install either of these projects, email