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Change Begins at Home

On October 14 at Noon, Mayor Kamal Johnson joins a panel on the intersectionality of race, disability, and voting. The event is organized by Disability Rights New York. Other speakers include:

  • Stephanie Anderson, MSM
    Trayvon Martin Foundation
  • Keith Gurgui
    Voting Rights Activist Ulster County, NY
  • Mike Lincoln
    Voting Rights Activist St. Lucie County, FL

Why are local elections impactful to marginalized communities? How can your vote change how your government works to combat racism and discrimination? Your vote matters in every election.

Bring your questions and thoughts about voting in the General Election to discuss with our panel of social justice champions. Closed captioning and ASL interpretation provided. If you have any questions or require specific accommodations, please contact Helen Hellmuth at or 518-860-8158.

Flyer - English
Flyer - Español