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City Audits Sidewalk Accessibility

The City of Hudson is auditing sidewalks to ensure accessibility. The City of Hudson has hired architectural firm Hyman Hayes Associates to measure and report on sidewalks between key areas of service in the City of Hudson.

“Everyone deserves access to city services,” says Mayor Kamal Johnson. “To make our services accessible, the sidewalks need to be accessible.”

The sidewalk audit will review sidewalks between Henry Hudson Riverfront Park, Promenade Hill Park, City Hall, the Youth Center, the Senior Center, Oakdale Park, the Central Fire Station, and the Police Station. The audit will report on sidewalk and curb ramp barriers and will list the location of the barrier, the barrier, and how the barrier is not in compliance with ADA standards. 

“I’m happy to be contributing to our community and advancing this important accessibility project,” says City of Hudson Public Works Commissioner Peter Bujanow, who is managing the project. “This audit will help us understand and address the barriers so that people of all abilities can access City facilities and parks with ease, feel welcomed and included to participate in programs and services, and travel freely and safely at intersections throughout the City.”

“This is an important step to making Hudson a more equitable city,” says Mayoral Aide and ADA Coordinator Michael Chameides.

The sidewalk audit project area was determined by an October 2019 settlement agreement between the United States Department of Justice and the City of Hudson. In addition to the audit, residents can also report ADA barriers.

After the audit is complete and barriers have been identified, the City of Hudson will create a plan for sidewalk ADA compliance. Property owners are responsible for maintaining accessible sidewalks and curb ramps. The City of Hudson Common Council is also exploring alternative solutions to improve sidewalks.

The sidewalk audit is one of several active projects to improve street accessibility and safety, including Promenade Hill Park redesign, Hudson Connects street improvements, Empire State Trail, new crosswalk signals, new crosswalks, Ferry Street bridge construction, Truck Route study, and improvements at the intersection of Green and Fairview.

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