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Street Improvement Demonstration Project

As part of the Hudson Connects street improvement project, the Hudson Connects project team worked alongside residents and local artist Kirby Crone to install two demonstration projects. Using temporary materials such as paint, these projects test preliminary design concepts and demonstrate how intersections and streets in Hudson could be made safer for pedestrians and cyclists.


By narrowing travel lanes and expanding pedestrian spaces, this project strives to bring focus to pedestrians and slow vehicular traffic where people are most vulnerable. The Hudson Connects project team has studied the sites since implementation and observed vehicles taking slower turns at these sites and yielding to pedestrians at crossings with increased frequency. In addition, hundreds of people participated in a survey. All of the data collection, survey findings and community input will be incorporated into the final design concepts over the winter in preparation for permanent construction in 2021. Design plans will be presented to the public, likely in December 2020. 


The intersection improvement at Front and Warren was created to be very temporary - with the paint that would only last for a rain or two. The bollards (plastic poles), tape, and ramps will be removed shortly. Pedestrians should wait to cross the street at the curb. Drivers should use the paint as a guide for turning.

The intersection improvement at State and 2nd, while temporary, is designed to last several months. The bollards and ramps will be removed shortly in order to allow for snow maintenance. In the Spring of 2021, the City will review the conditions and determine if the bollards will be added back to the area. The painted pedestrian lane along State Street will remain. Drivers and pedestrians should continue to exercise caution. At the intersection of State and 2nd, pedestrians should wait to cross the street at the curb. Drivers should use the paint as a guide for turning. 

Both projects will continue to inform the 2021 construction project as well as other street projects in the City of Hudson. 


These demonstration projects were the culmination in a series of community events to gather public input on the future of Hudson’s streets. Previously, Hudson Connects organized a walking tour with local residents as well as public meetings at Hudson Hall and Promenade Hill Park to gather feedback and discuss various issues and observations. The next opportunity for public input will be in December, when the draft Connectivity Plan will be presented to the council. Please be on the lookout for more information about how to attend and provide input on the plan! 

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