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Seeking Bids for Promenade Hill Park Renovation

The City of Hudson is seeking bids on the renovation of Promenade Hill Park.
Sealed bid documents must be received by March 15, 2021 at noon.

Project Narrative

The creation of universal access to Promenade Hill Park is a New York State-funded Downtown Revitalization Initiative project for the City of Hudson. The project area is located at the intersection of Front and Warren Streets, at the westernmost edge of the central commercial district. The park is open to the public and prospective bidders are encouraged to visit the park prior to submittal of their bids.

The existing park is divided between an upper historic promenade and a lower, contemporary urban plaza. The scope of this project is primarily within the footprint of the lower plaza, except for a portion of a landing at the top of the incline, which will extend east from the level of the existing promenade and improvements to an existing footpath on the upper promenade.

Proposed Scope of Work

The creation of universal access to the upper promenade will entail the removal of walls and pavements from a 1977 urban renewal project (most of the removal by the City of Hudson) and the creation of both a new accessible route and new set of stairs leading to an existing opening in a historic stone wall that provides access to the upper promenade. Selective demolition will be performed by the City of Hudson

Department of Public Works immediately prior to the mobilization of the chosen site contractor.

The scope of work includes: Construction fencing, erosion control, tree pruning and tree protection, reinforced cast in place concrete foundations, walls and ADA compliant ramps, decorative handrails, stone masonry, stone pavement, lighting (wiring by National Grid), installation of a new drinking fountain and ground hydrants, earthwork, and landscape plantings. The project also includes the installation of a spray shower. Improvements to the safety surface and seating in an existing play area at the northern end of the site are included in the project as add alternate bid item.

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The Pre-Bid Meeting occurred on March 2, 2021 at 1pm

The Bids were opened during a live meeting on Mar 15, 2021 at 1pm

View the bid tabulation.