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Truck Study - Public Meeting

City of Hudson To Hold Second Public Meeting on Truck Traffic Route Feasibility Study

The City of Hudson invites community members and stakeholders to participate in a virtual public meeting regarding the City of Hudson Truck Traffic Route Feasibility Study. The event will take place on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 6:00 PM via Zoom Webinar. Registration is required for the event.

The purpose of the virtual meeting is twofold: To present the research and get public input. The City’s consultant team will provide a project overview and present the proposed truck route alternatives under consideration. Also, the public will be invited to provide input on proposed alternate routes, as well as how nearby communities may be impacted by possible route changes via participant polls and, at the end of the presentation, a question and answer session.

The City of Hudson is conducting this Truck Route Traffic Feasibility Study to propose improved routes that ensure the safety of community, truck drivers, and businesses alike. Indeed, while New York State truck drivers support their families and supply Hudson and surrounding communities with crucial goods, the route they traverse was designed for a previous era. Using the study, the City of Hudson will then work with surrounding towns, Columbia County, New York State, and a variety of stakeholders to help make sure that the new route improves outcomes for all. The study will measure and report truck traffic through the city, inclusive of the origin, destination and volume of truck traffic. Supplementing the origin and destination study will be an assessment of the environmental (public health), physical (infrastructure degradation) and social (neighborhoods and residents) effects of truck traffic.

The city is also conducting a public survey, which ends on April 20, 2021. Read more about the project.

The planning process is being guided by the City of Hudson and facilitated by a consultant team led by M.J. Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C. (MJ) of Clifton Park.