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Dugway Trail Reopened

The City of Hudson partnered with the Hudson River Valley Greenway (HVRG), a New York State agency, to make improvements to the Dugway trail.

HRVG rehabilitated the one-quarter mile Dugway trail, a walking and bicycling path which connects Harry Howard Avenue and Mill Street. The Dugway trail is also part of the Empire State Trail and is adjacent to the recently completed shared path improvements on Harry Howard Avenue. The Dugway Trail is also adjacent to Charles Williams Park and in close proximity to the dog park. HRVG completed the project with state funds from the Empire State Trail program.

“We need to expand access to our public parks,” says Mayor Kamal Johnson. “This project improves our infrastructure, reduces municipal costs, and will make it easier for people of all abilities to enjoy our city.”


The following improvements have been completed:

  • A new 10-foot wide paved path was installed, including site work, grading, and drainage improvements to stabilize the trail corridor.
  • The adjacent trail shoulders were graded and topsoil, grass seed and mulch were installed.
  • ADA detectable warning strips, concrete pads, and removable bollards were installed at the trail entrances.
  • A concrete curb was installed where the trail intersects with Lucille Drive/Harry Howard Ave, to better define this intersection and reduce the crosswalk length.
  • A new wood fence has been installed, separating the trail from the adjacent residential property
  • New run of wood guide rail replaced an old guide rail
  • Empire State Trail and bicycle safety signage has been installed.

Information about the Empire State Trail, including detailed trail descriptions and an online map depicting the trail route, designated parking areas, and nearby attractions is available on the project website: