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Assemblymember Barrett Secures Funding for City of Hudson Children and Families

Assemblymember Didi Barrett (Columbia & Dutchess Counties) announced Thursday, July 1 that she secured $80,000 in this legislative session for key programs impacting children and families in the City of Hudson: $50,000 for the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood to partner with the Hudson Day Care Center to build capacity and expand child care, and $30,000 in Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) funding to bolster training for Hudson Police Department (HPD) in sensitive and effective family and child crisis intervention strategies. These funds will help ensure that Hudson’s youth are provided with a foundation for success, and that Hudson police receive facilitated and targeted training for situations involving children and young adults.

“Hudson is a small city with all the same challenges of bigger cities across the state, but our secret weapon is the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood (GHPN), a pioneering cradle to career community organization that works in a variety of ways with children and families within the footprint of the Hudson City School District,” said Assemblymember Barrett. “Childcare is a critical need in the city,  and this funding will allow GHPN to help critical providers like Hudson Day Care Center, develop the capacity to effectively meet the local demand. GHPN will also be instrumental in working with the Mayor’s office and HPD in improving intervention strategies involving children and families through the Byrne/JAG funding.  I’m pleased to support Mayor Johnson and his team in realizing their important goals of better communication between the community and HPD and enhanced crisis intervention training."

“We are honored to receive funding from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant. This funding will help the city complete our plans to have all of our officers complete the Crisis Intervention Trainings. Providing them with the skills of effective problem solving and promoting positive outcomes when responding to incidents involving trauma and mental health,” said Hudson Mayor Kamal Johnson. “We would like to thank Assemblymember Barrett and her team for securing this grant. It will mean a lot in the advance of police community relations in our community.”

“The Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood is thrilled for this opportunity to support our community's youngest children,” said Joan E. Hunt, Executive Director of the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood. “We applaud Assemblywoman Barrett for recognizing and acknowledging the importance of expanding high-quality early learning opportunities for historically excluded children and families. We look forward to engaging in a meaningful and longstanding partnership with the Hudson Day Care Center and other local childcare providers."

“Since the murder of George Floyd, Hudson has been on the cutting edge of criminal justice reform. Funding from Assemblymember Barrett will not only help train HPD officers in Crisis Intervention Training, it will allow the City go beyond that basic training and enable facilitated, on-going dialogue between law enforcement and the community they serve,” said Cheryl Roberts, Corporation Counsel for the City of Hudson and Executive Director of the Greenburger Center for Social and Criminal Justice. “It will also help protect children during police encounters with their parents or caregivers.”

“Hudson Daycare looks forward to its partnership with Promise Neighborhood to match the needs of the community and ensure families have access to high quality and affordable programs to foster healthy development to children ages 5 and above.” said Kimberly Griffin-Simmonds, Program Director of the Hudson Day Care.