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Universal Basic Income (UBI) Pilot Program Launches Second Cohort in Hudson

HudsonUP, the nation's first small City UBI Pilot, will launch a second cohort of 50 participants disbursing $500 per month payments for 5 years.

HudsonUP will be expanding to include a second cohort of 50 participants, selected through a weighted lottery system, to receive $500 a month of unrestricted cash for 5 years. This brings the total number of participants up to 75 for the City of Hudson, over 1% of the population.

The lottery will officially be open September 1st through September 30th, and City of Hudson residents over the age of 18 can enter if they make under the annual median income ($39,346.00). The lottery form can be accessed at and is available in English, Spanish and Bangla. The lottery process is weighted for equity (race and gender) using the Opportunity Atlas data set and was decided upon as a result of a community-driven process in planning the first cohort. The lottery is being run by an independent research team at Washington University in St. Louis. Participants will be notified if they were selected the first week of October.

Hudson native and non-profit management professional, Joan Hunt, will continue in her role as HudsonUP Pilot Director and will oversee the overall communications strategy and day-to-day operations of the program. Ms. Hunt will be the primary contact for the Pilot's participants and will serve as the chief spokesperson for the program. “Over the past year, I have witnessed first-hand the tremendous impact of the HudsonUP program on participants and their families and can't wait to include additional Hudson residents in the second cohort.” said Ms. Hunt, “I'm honored to continue serving as HudsonUP's Pilot Director and to help share the story of basic income in Hudson, with the local community, the country, and the world.”

Hudson Mayor Kamal Johnson has been supportive of HudsonUP from the very early stages of planning and has continued to serve as a member of the Pilot's Community Advisory Board. “The HudsonUP Pilot was launched as an investment in the community. I'm extremely excited that this investment will benefit more of our community at a time when people really need a helping hand.”

The second cohort is being supported by the Eutopia Foundation in partnership with The Spark of Hudson. “Given the huge success of HudsonUP's first cohort, we are thrilled to underwrite a second cohort, guaranteeing 50 additional Hudson residents (75 in all) will receive basic income for 5 years. If the first cohort is any indication, this program should have an enormous impact on participants, their families and the community as a whole.”

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