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Tree Inventory Continues: Oakdale Woodlands in the Spotlight

Vanessa Baehr, Liz Yorck, and ISA Forester Miguel BerriosOn Tuesday, August 31, Arborist Miguel Berrios got a tour of the Hudson Oakdale Lake woodland trail system. Youth Director Liz Yorck and Youth Program Director Vanessa Baehr talked with Berrios about the tree canopy, the understory, and invasive species. Berrios has been hired by the City of Hudson to do a complete Street and Park Tree Inventory and 5-year Community Forestry Management plan for the city thanks to a grant from the New York State Department of Conservation Division of Urban Forestry. He and Baehr discussed methods of eliminating invasive species. They were also able to identify trees that could be potentially dangerous, and non-native ones that are causing more desirable native trees to not thrive.

ISA Forester Miguel Berrios, Youth Director Liz Yorck, and Youth Program Director Vanessa BaehrBerrios is also a Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Certified Technical Service Provider for Habitat Planning. Baehr, who is very knowledgeable about all things flora, Oakdale, and the history of the site, and Yorck, who is newer to this part of the county and to Oakdale, were able to augment their knowledge and confirm restoration concepts with Berrios. Yorck and Baehr are shaping a plan to eliminate invasive species, create new outdoor education spaces, and design trails that will lead to microenvironments within the site.

Thanks to Yorck, Baehr, Hudson DPW, and volunteers, a great deal of work was done on the trails and in the woods this summer. Much debris and overgrowth has been cleared out, trees brought down by storms have been removed and on this trip we were able to get all the litter in one grocery bag. I highly recommend a visit to Oakdale Lake trails.

When Berrios returns with his full presentation of his findings and management plan recommendations we hope that the youth, the future stewards of Oakdale Lake Park, will be able to attend.

Hilary Hillman
Hudson Conservation Advisory Council
Yorck and Baehr carrying out litter.