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New Trees Planted for Autumn Arbor Day

Volunteers with the Hudson Conservation Advisory Council dig a hole to plant a new tree on State Street.

Hudson’s 1st Annual Autumn Arbor Day on Saturday, October 16th was a success. Led by the Hudson Conservation Advisory Council, a strong group of 17 volunteers showed up to help plant five trees in the city, one per ward. Due to unforeseen digging dangers, only three were planted on the celebration day. The trees for the 1st and 3rd Wards will be planted as soon as we have clearance from DigSafeNY and DPW on new locations.

Our 2nd Ward is now home to a Fringe Tree at 250 State Street. The Fringe Tree, chionanthus virginicus, is not a native species to these parts, but due to global warming is has become a thriving “newcomer.” It will have beautiful white flowers in the late spring, yellow Fall foliage, and will not get too tall for this location with overhead wires.

Volunteers with the Hudson Conservation Advisory Council pose next to a newly planted tree on Green Street.

In the 4th Ward there is a newly planted Redbud, cercis canadensis, at 534 Prospect Street. A regional native, the Redbud is known for amazing light pink to magnificent magenta blooms in the spring and red foliage in the Fall. It will also not get too tall for the overhead wires.

The 5th Ward, at 46 Green Street, now hosts a Pin Oak, quercus palustris. This native arboreal sentinel has unencumbered airspace to grow to full height of 60-70 feet and will create cooling shade for the buildings, sidewalk and street.